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Mideast Events

At the Mideast Travel Weddings and Events department, we are dedicated to creating incredible experiences in the form of weddings, christenings, parties and celebrations for every occasion. Our primary focus is to apprehend your desires and needs in order to craft events that will surpass your wildest fantasies.  


We provide much more than an event planning service. Through impeccable design, meticulous planning, venue sourcing and transformation, event ideation and creative direction, our world-class teams plan, orchestrate and execute unique events that will make your big day unforgettable. Whether you are planning a wedding, a christening, a birthday party, an anniversary or any other kind of celebration, we will undertake every aspect of your event and provide bespoke solutions to fit your needs and exceed your expectations.  

Event Planning


Venue Sourcing
Venue Sourcing
Venue Transformation
Venue Transformation
Personalized Event Design
Destination Research
Art Direction
Event Logistics
Ceremony Planning
Creative Storytelling

Why Choose Us

Global Reach

We provide outstanding event planning services around the world. Our event specialists will be happy to craft solutions for your event regardless of destination

Expert Networks

We partner with a wide network of event planners and professionals of all trades. There is no request that we deem impossible. Just ask!

Tailor-made Solutions

We will provide bespoke solutions and viable alternatives for any event, always in accordance to your specific wishes and desires

Cost Efficiency

We will deliver ideas and options to suit your budget and ensure the best possible rates for every aspect of your event

Constant Support

We will be by your side to discuss details and explain every stage of the event planning process to ensure your complete peace of mind

Privacy and Confidentiality

We guarantee total privacy and absolute confidentiality in respect to your celebration, party, ceremony or event

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